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The scientific name for Oregano is Origanum vulgare.

This is a well known species that belongs to genus Origanum and mint family. The herb is native to Eurasia and the surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea. This is perennial plant which grows up to 0.8 meter tall. The leaves are thick and slightly oval with a length of 9cm, most of the time; they are look like the human heart and are kind of hairy with saw like margins.

Oregano has purple flowers that with a length of approximately 4 cm. They have sharp spikes. The calyx has the shape of a bell with a smooth throat, two lips where the one on the top has an oval shape and is this and the lower one has four teeth, The corolla is coloured purple and measure at least five times the calyx length, it has a tube, full throat and short lips.

There are instances that people call it a wild Marjoram. A closely related plant that has been named majorana is also called sweet marjoram; it has a balsamic-aromatic flavour that has made it an ideal mint flavour for Mexican and Mediterranean foods.

Oregano will help to

  • Treat skin bruises, burns and cuts.
  • Treat sore throat, flu, asthma, coughs and coughs.
  • Treat insect bites.
  • Repel rebellious people.
  • Win court case.

Medical uses

Oregano has various uses in herbal medicine; the herb was commonly used by ancient Egyptians to cure several conditions. It is used to cure skin cuts, bruises and burns. In another case, it is used to treat influenza, asthma, coughs, sore throat and insect bites. It can be used as an antiseptic.

Magical uses

The herb has been known for its protective properties and with regard to this, it is used by people to repel those who rebel them. It is mostly used against people who trouble one financially. On the other hand, Oregon helps to keep that law away and even if one faces the law, it will help them get a favourable ruling.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012