Nutmeg, whole

Nutmeg, whole

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The name Nutmeg is also used when making reference to the nutmeg tree’s seeds.

It is quite easy to identify the seed in that it is oval-shaped but more like the hen’s eggs, it has dimensions of two to three centimeters in length and 1.5 to 1,8 centimeters in width. The seed is quite heavy when compared to ordinary seeds as it weighs five to ten grams when dry.

In the middle ages, nutmeg was a treasured spice to the extent it was commonly traded in various world markets such as the European spice trade. Its price skyrocketed to an extent any country that has the largest production of the commodity or that had a big say was acquired a political recognition from others.

For instance, the first international market was New Amsterdam which was in the control of the Dutch, later on the market shifted to New York in the United States and was later moved to London when they exchanged with Americans for an Indonesian Island named Run Island that was leading in the production of the product those days.

Nutmeg will help to

  • Win in gambling games
  • Increase

The seed can be used in the treatment of quite a large number of disease but users are cautioned against overdosing as the side effects are severe. A mere dose of 25 grams will result in serious conditioned like convulsions, severe depression, heart palpitations, nausea, dehydration and body aches.

Magical uses

Some of the best users of nutmeg are the gamblers; in this case, they use oil to increase their winning chances as it has always been associated with the luck of winning in games like lottery cards, bingo, dice, and racetracks. You just drill a hole in its center and fill with mercury and then seal with wax. Carry it along when you go for the games.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012