Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

Another formal name for Motherwort is Leonurus cardiaca.

However, it has several informal names that include Lion’s tail, Throw-wort and Lion’s ear. The plant has various features that will help in you distinguish it from the rest of the plants. For instance, it’s stem is square and the leaves are opposite each other  and have got saw-like edges, as well they have long petioles and are palmately lobed.

The flowers grow on the leaves that are on the plant’s upper part in specific times of the year, August and June. They are small in size and are coloured pink or lilac and have furry lower lips. Motherwort grows along the road in fields and disturbed areas; its typical height is 0.6 to 1 meter.

The Europeans, Asians and North Americans have been using it as an herb for the treatment of various medical conditions since time immemorial.

Motherwort will be used to

  • Protect from evil spirits.
  • Regulate menstruation.
  • Bring blessings to loved ones.
  • Create peace in the family.

Medical uses

Motherwort has a wide range of applications in women’s health. The name results from the wide range of applications by the Midwives including preventing the uterine infections and as uterine tonic. Since is a blood invigorator, it is a common prescription for women with irregular menstruation, recovery for the skin conditions that result for damp heat, reduction of stomach pains  and in the reduction of swellings and oedema.

Magical uses

The plant has various Magical uses... as well, in which it is commonly used to offer protection. However, the most significant use is motherhood. As a result the protection is most effective to mothers and children. It is also associated with bringing peace to one’s household. This is done by putting some tea brewed from the herb in the water used for cleaning and bathing. Putting it behind a family photo is believed to increase blessings.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012