Mojo Beans (Saint Joseph Beans)

Mojo Beans

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There are some people who have the belief that the beans make peoples wishes come true.

This is the reason why they are also called the African wishing beans. They are fava beans, broad beans, for short. In Sicilian Culture in New Orleans, USA and various parts of the world, the beans are placed in their personal altars during Saint Joseph’s feast day.

As Saint Joseph is associated with helping one sell a home. It is recommended that the beans are placed on the two corners of one's entrance. This will help aid the sale of the home. The beans are a gift from god. There is a secret Roman Catholic custom that has is closely related to Saint Joseph altar.

On annual basis, the Sicilians in New Orleans give honor to Saint Joseph to testify the protection he offers them; this feast takes place on 19th March when the feast is marked as a celebration. The use of the beans is a commemoration of a famine that broke out in Sicily some many years ago and how the saint intervened to save the people. During the Saint’s intercession, the bean helped flourish the crops, when the Sicilians were in a famine. Thus, it is the bean that saved the people of the time from perishing through starving.

This bean is known as the fava bean, it is a broad bean. You can grow these in your magical herb gard​en which will give the bean more effect. St Joseph is a loyal husband, safeguarding father, reliable hard worker that keeps the household together because of his loyalty, persistence, love, and understanding.

You are able to ask St. Joseph for safeguarding a young child, helping a parent win the custody of the children, find or sell a house, or to grant you employment. Typically, in Catholic tradition he's known to also help with a peaceful transition in dying.

St. Joseph offerings are water, plants, mojo beans, water collected from the peace lily or any other growing lily in the home, cake, yellow candle lights, lilies, bread and wine, snacks, seafood, and certain traditional Italian dishes for example Minestrone. So back to the beans!

Mojo beans will help to

  • Get money.
  • Bring luck.

Magical uses

Dry Mojo beans can also be referred to as Lucky beans due to the legend that the pockets of anyone who carries the beans will never run out of coins. To ensure this, people always carry the beans in a specific rituals or flannel bags so as to get fulfillment of one's desires. The ritual is done as follows.

Start by making three, five or seven wishes and for each of them put one bean in your pockets and let leave them there for a week. Before the sun rises on the seven day, go to river or stream and say each of your wish in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit as you throw them into the water over your back and go away without looking back. Then your wishes shall become true in a week.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012