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This is a flowering plant that is mostly grown for its aromatic qualities.

Mint does not mean one plant but rather a genus of flowering plants which are grown in various parts of the globe including Australia, Europe, Africa, North America as well as Asia. They are quite distinct from the rest of the plants as they have leaves that spread out widely, additionally; they have strong stems which take a square shape.

They have leaves that grow that take up an opposite pattern on the stems and then take up various colors such as yellowish, purplish, greenish-grey and dark green. The flower’s hue ranges from purple to white. They grow up to 1.2 meters high and spread over large areas if there are no other plants to prevent them.

Mint will help to

  • Relieve stomach pains.
  • Reduce chest pains.
  • Whiten teeth.
  • Ward off evils.
  • Break curses.
  • Bring fortune.

Medical uses

There are various uses of the mint in the field of medicine. For instance, the plant is used in the alleviation of stomach pains and chest aches, it is also used as a mild decongestant. In the past, it was used to whiten teeth.

Magical uses

Mint has also been associated with several magical powers that have been used to break various types of hexes, jinxes and spells. Mint will also free you from all the bad luck that has been cast upon you and other family have cast spells on you.
Many people carry mint in their pockets and even in the soles of their shoes as it is associated with offering protection from any crossed conditions they may face. On the other hand, one can carry a bag that combines the Mint, John the conqueror and Calamus root for extra protection against curses. When burned along side frankincense as incense, it stimulates psychic abilities. A tea prepared from mint is used in the cleansing of the home of impurities and bad luck.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012