Master of the Woods

Master of the Woods

Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

Another name for the herb is Asperula Odorata.

However, it has several regional names such as Woodward, sweet woodruff, woodruff and waldmeister. This plant is grown can grow up to a height of 15 inches; furthermore, it grows in clumps. It has flowers that produce an aroma resembling that of hay, it grows much stronger as the flowers dry up.

The goodness is, the aroma will last for many years. The main distinguishing feature is the small white flowers, green leaves and thin stalk. These give it an appearance similar to that of the stars. The Master of the woods grows in only shaded areas of the forest.

Master of the woods will help to

  • Secure from danger.
  • Reduce or delay fatigue.
  • Reduce muscle pains.
  • Find a job.

Medical uses

On mixing the master of the woods with Holy Oil, allow one week. This will allow the oil powers to cure various muscle pains more so those in the shoulder and the neck region. It is also helpful in quick recovery healing of wounds and cuts.

Magical uses

The herb has very strong power in commanding, most people carry it along for to get protection from various harms, additionally, it helps the owner get out of any trouble they may encounter in their day to day activities. When combined with gravel root, it helps the jobseeker get that job they have always desired. On the other hand, sprinkling the herb over the masters allows you commanding powers over them when they cross it.

Other uses

This plant has been in common use among the Germans where they have considered their lives incomplete without the herb. The main cause for this is their culture of taking wine that incorporates the plant as an ingredient. When the flowers of the plant are dried up, they make strong perfumes for the domestic ands religious use. .

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012