Master Root Pieces

Master Root Pieces

Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

This root has several names such as Imperatoria ostruthium and Peucedanum ostruthium.

The most common name for the herb however is masterwort. The plant grows best in the meadows and several parts of the semi  arid regions.

The plant is mainly used for culinary purposes, it this case it is used to flavour several liquors and bitter drinks.

The Master Root pieces have several other properties that have not been highlighted here

The plant is very common in Europe where it is identified through the spiky blooms and small star shaped flowers. However, there are instances that the flower grows pink and or reddish. In most parts of Europe, it is used for aesthetics but is not common among the Americans.

Master Root will help to

  • Relief from migraines, delirium and hysteria.
  • Increase aim and accuracy.
  • Reduce enemies and their effects.

Medical uses

The herb is also used to cure several conditions that include hysteria, delirium and migraines.

Magical uses

Commonly known as master’s root, it can as well be used in the make one more powerful, develop his psychic powers and various other powers. The Master Root is quite close to Angelica root which is used for similar purposes.

It is believed that washing ones rifle with a tea made from the root will improve your precision and aim. An athlete can improve their winning chances by carrying the herb alongside victory oil, Sampson snake root, master of the woods in a red mojo.

For any other obstacles, just dress the bag with master oil and then combine it with Simpson snake root and john the conqueror root, this will help you clear them from your way in the shortest time possible. To overcome your enemies, just name broom straws after each of them and name yourself after the root. On sprinkling powder that has been made from the root, the spirit will appear to you.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012