Mandrake root (Maypops)

Mandrake root (Maypops)

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They are of two types, the Atropa genus which originates from Europe and the Podophyllum genus which is a native in the Americas.

The mandrake has always been associated with European witchcraft form the middle ages up to the modern period. When the root is plucked from the ground, it makes a scream like sound. The traditions hold that any person who hears the scream like sound it makes on getting plucked, they will die.

This has the many people believe that the mandrake is indeed holy. In some past time, the harvesters used trained the dogs to uproot the Mandrake roots form the soil to spare them from the unexpected death that is associated with the root.

There is a legend which that a mandrake only grows where the semen of a hanged man drops on the soil. This has been the reason for the methods that the alchemists who project human seed into the ground.

Mandrake root will help to

  • Conjure.
  • Attract love and fertility.

Magical uses

The American Mandrake which also known as the May apple root and it is used in various ways to conjure and Hoodoo. One can make a talisman from the Mandrake which they will be wearing so as bring about more fertility and love.

You need to glue the Mandrake roots and make a doll baby that will be used to win some love. In the middle of the doll, wrap a paper in which the name of your love has been written. Some mandrakes are believed to be aphrodisiac, an example of such is the one that looks like a phallus and are an essential ingredient when making love charms.

You should soak the root in a bowl filled with a white wine on Fridays and then carry the bowl in a red silk; this will make you very attractive and appealing to the opposite sex.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012