Magnolia leaves

Magnolia leaves

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This is a tree that grows naturally in various parts of North America and has been adapted and grown in many parts of the world.

Magnolia is closely linked to the powers of planet Venus which is beautiful; it has also been closely linked to the element earth.

Magnolia will help to

  • Enhance faithfulness in marriage
  • Protect your house
  • Purify your house

Magical uses

Many people believe that the Magnolia offers various powers that include improving faithfulness in marriage and enhancing felicity in marriage. You should put the leaves in a sachet and put them into the mattress as this will improve your partner’s faithfulness in your marriage. However, women should note that adding the leaves to a mojo as this will interfere with the working of the herb. This will hide the nine-knot measure of their husband. The jealous women hold the belief that the spell may hoodoo the man’s nature and make him non-performing to other women. 

The magnolia leaves offers protection a purification for your house against the enemies who have inferior motives towards you. In religious ceremonies, the holiness of the sanctuary can be increased by placing the magnolia leaves on the altar. The magnolia leaves, when scattered around the house will offer you adequate protection against enemies and their evil powers. To offer your money adequate protection and attract more money into your wallet, put some of the magnolia leaves in the wallet and walk along with it. You will get adequate protection for your journal by simply placing a leaf on it and keep it separated from the rest.

The magnolia leaves are an activation ingredient in various magick spells and formulas especially those related to Venus such as love, happiness and compassion.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012