Lovage root (Bo’ Hog root)

Lovage root (Bo’ Hog root)

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Bo’ Hog root is a herb that and grows naturally in various parts of Asia and Europe, this herb is also known as Lovage root.

The root is used as an additive to various drugs. The name of the root “Lovage” has been said to have evolved from the name “love-ache.”

The root has been in use for the treatment of various conditions in the body for quite a long time. It has successfully treated various conditions of the skin, reduction of fever as well as reduction of the problems that arise during menstruation.

Lovage root will help to

  • Attract a man or women.
  • Treat digestive disorders.
  • Treat skin disorders.
  • Reduce fever.
  • Ease difficulties in menstruation.
  • Attract a lover.

Magical Uses

This root has been used as a love charm for a long time. For instance, it is believed that the root has the ability to attract a potential lover to you, it can as well increase the romance of and sexual pleasure since it has been associated with sexuality and love.

With respect to this, you should carry three slices of the root in a red small bag together with Queen Elizabeth Root, Sampson Snake root and John the Conqueror root. This will draw your potential love much closer and thus making them develop more interest in you than ever before.

Another way to draw your lover close to you is dressing a 7 day candle with attraction oil, combined with Lovage herb. In another instance, boil the lovage in a water pan and brew some tea and use the tea in your water bath for nine days every day before the night is over think of your lover. After bathing take the water to a crossroads and pour it behind your back in the direction the sun rises from and then walk without looking back. This will attract a man to you.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012