Lotus root

Lotus Root

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This is a water lily which has for a long time been used for sacred purposes in parts of Asia.

The root is quite common among the Hindu believers who say it is linked to many of their goddesses. One of the goddesses is known as Lakshmi, she is the goddess that is associated with wealth and the goddess associated to wisdom and the art of music that is better known as Saraswati.

The Buddhists have named the Lotus Sutra in honor of the plant. In ancient Egypt, the lotus plant used to be planted in shrine gardens. Lotus is a water plant and this is the reason why it has been linked to water magic as well as planet Venus and the moon. When offered as a gift to the gods, it increases blessings. In most communities, the lotus represents the epicenter of the universe as well as spirituality.

Lotus root slices will help to

  • Increase fertility.
  • Offer protection.
  • Attract blessings.

Magical uses

The plant has been commonly associated with Venus and this is the reason as to why it has always been used as an ingredient in love formulas and spells. The seeds of the plants are a symbol of fertility.

The lotus root is used to offer protection for the religious, metaphysical or spiritual people since it is believed to offer luck for them. In Buddhism, the spell is said to offer shelter for people who believe in the goddess sutra to offer protection from enemy attacks. On carrying it along, you will be assured of blessings and best luck as well as an increase in the bond between you and the Gods. Putting the lotus in your pocket as you make your reasoning much holier and attracts the spirits.

This is a multipurpose spiritual elixir. It is used in the reincarnation of the dead by some religions and cultures. The lotus can be used to open locked doors and as an ingredient for spells, love, creativity, protection, fertility, and formulas.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012