Little John to Chew

Little John Chew

Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

The powder can also be referred to as Chewing John or Galangal, its origins have been traced to java and China.

The plant is part of the common ginger family and its main uses include ease of stomach pains and improving digestion. It resembles the low John Root and High John Root but its main distinguishing feature is the sweet gingerly taste that is equally considered to have magical powers, you chew the herb and swallow the juices.

In the past, people used to believe it is aphrodisiac while in India; it was used as a powerful perfume for various occasions. This is a pants gender is male and has the power of planet mars as well as element fire.

Little John will help to

  • Win in court cases.
  • Attract plenty.
  • Increase the psychic abilities.
  • Attract money and wealth.
  • Bring prosperity.

Magical uses

A good number of the law practitioners carry the little John to the courtroom for assurance of winning in the case, for quite some time now; the root has been associated with bringing of luck in the courtroom. To get then powers, the user has to chew the root and spit some of it in the courtroom or any other area that the case will take place and the case will be ruled in their favor. In addition to the good luck, the ruling will be done in such a way that then you will get benefits.

The root is considered versatile and in some cases it is used to bring about abundance, reduce negativity and improve the psychic abilities of people who chew it. It is also essential when contacting the spirit guides and helpers so chew it whenever you want to contact them. It will also repel any curse directed at you.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012