Life Everlasting, yellow

Life Everlasting, yellow

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This herb is known by several names, some of them include White Balsam, Chafe Weed, Pearly Everlasting and Indian Posy.  

The name is used to refer to plants that make up a plant family known as the Daisy family; their major characteristic is stiff and long-lasting flower bracts. The herb originates in the United States but has now become common all over the world.

It has been in use for both medicinal and Magical uses. A community of Indians known as Potawatomi Indians used to burn and smoke the flowers to send off the evil spirits.

Life Everlasting yellow will help to

  • Keep off sickness.
  • Cure colds and coughs.
  • Control diarrhea.
  • Rid the lung of any complications.
  • Prolong life.

Medical uses

This is an herbal medicine that has over time been relied on in the cure of various diseases and relieve from various conditions such as lung problems, colds, rheumatism, and colds. Some Indian communities made of the flowers in the purification of various offering so as to offer adequate protection and strength for the human body during wars and in the enchanting of horses to bring about persistence and morale to carry on with the wars.

Magical uses

This oil is used to extend the life of the user. It is usually kept in open vessels in the homes to keep off sickness and poor health. At times, they may add to it Blessing oil or Healing oil. In some cases, practitioners use it to make a tea that they take once on each week so as to prolong their lives. By fusing the oil with other oils, one can take it as a morning drink that keeps the user free from banes, chills, and pains. The Life Everlasting is combined with other oils to relieve people from addiction to alcohol.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012