Lemon leaves

Lemon leaves

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The origin of lemon plants is not known, but, they are native to Asia.

It is demanded both non-culinary and culinary purposes. The plant is used as food in which it is considered important in the cure of several diseases and also in magic. Lemon has antiseptic properties and this has made it a very popular antiseptic in some parts of Asia, in addition to that, it has got antidotes that detoxify some poisons. The plant has always been associated with the element water and the moon’s power.

Lemon leaves will help to

  • Get a new lover.
  • Reflect back evil eye.

Magical uses

Lemons leaves have always been used to make spells that help one get out of the former relationship fully and move on to another one. Lemon fruits have been said to have the qualities of the lemon fruit. However, the lemon leaves are quite different from two plants that have a close smell, the Lemon mint and the Lemongrass.

Lemon fruit symbolizes two things as highlighted next. The first symbolism is originates from its physical appearance, it is said that since the fruit has an eye shape and is juicy, then it has ability to repel the evil eye and relay it back to the sender. The other is drawn from the clean, fresh and sharp taste, the smell has been associated with the cleaning and cleansing of things and people from spells which allows one to get transformed from what they used to be in the past.

Make some tea from the Lemon leaf and add it to any water before you use it to clean. The lemon leaves can be used in quite a number of ways with or without getting combined with other herbs that have powers to cleanse such as Rosemary, Rue, Broom Corn, Agronomy and Lemon grass. To benefit from the cleansing properties of the lemon, use the tea made out of it in all your cleaning at home.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012