Lemon grass leaves

Lemon Grass

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Lemongrass has a fragrance that resembles a lemon’s; however, it does not have any genetic relationship with the lemon.

Most of the Asian countries use it to cook meals for a special occasion and as a medicine. There are others who make use of the plant in improving their love. The plant is hardy enough too grown in all soil types.
Lemon grass will help you to...

  • Get protection.
  • Repel evil powers.
  • Improve your divine abilities and psychic abilities.
  • Make your lover honest.
  • Solve problems.

Magical uses

The Lemon grass is linked to the planet Mercury as well as element air. It also has the capability to keep off serpents and dragons. It is used in many forms that include bathing concoctions, burned as incense or even carried along in the pocket. The Lemon grass is said to have powers to create lust, protect one from fidelity of the partner, bring about honesty, purify and bring psychic [powers to a person.

When planted along the perimeter of the home, it has the capability to keep off and offer protection against the satanic powers.

The grass is an important ingredient that makes up the New Orleans Style Van Van Oil which is popular for its ability to dress amulets. When added to Chinese wash, the resulting mixture has the power to protect one from satanic powers as well as crossed conditions.

When used to make tea, it will keep give one powers to predict the outcome of events and various future events. Similarly, the tea can be added to water for washing floors and eliminate enemy charms on the doorstep.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012