John the conqueror

John the conqueror

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This root has been named after an African slave whose name was John, it is said that before his capture, he was a son of a king right back at home.

There is no confirmation that the story is true, no one even knows of his existence except for the mention in the story. The point is, he was an icon for all slaves who were intending to silently revenge against their masters as doing so was usually very dangerous.

He is said to have given and take later on, but never to lose. He was never outsmarted despite his dumb plays. There was so much power in his name that on making just a recitation of “John or John” or “John the Conqueror” could offer a strong power that helped the slaves from getting hoodooed.

John the conqueror helps to

  • Getting more strong nature.
  • Improving chances during drawing luck.
  • Making supplies for spiritual, purposes.

Magical powers

John the conqueror root has various uses, however, the most common ones include having a lucky draw, getting excellent power to command, getting a much strong nature and increasing personal mastery. People have an hoodoo belief that on carrying a full high john the conquer root, you will never get broke or even lose a lover for long. Another believe that holds for the High John the conqueror root is that, in all games of chance, you will have best luck, in addition to this, you will; excel in business and financial activities that you will be undertaking at all times.

The roots and pieces are used to make supplies of spiritual, items. The root can be converted into many forms to be used at the one’s convenience; the forms are; anointing oil, cleaning supplies, scented powders in sachets, spiritual, incense and ritual bathing.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012