Jezebel root

Jezebel root

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This root is common among pagan traditions such as the Hoodoo.

The root is taken from some Irish flower, it is quite close to Queen Elizabeth Root and care should be taken to distinguish them. It is female in gender and its power is connected to that of Venus the planet as well as element water.

Jezebel root, whole helps to

  • To attract men to prostitutes.
  • Attract money and wealth.
  • Increase sales revenue.

Medical uses

Its most significant application is the attraction of wealthy men and to carry out the curse of Jezebel which is carried out against foes. The oil is used by prostitutes in the attraction of men towards them. They use it on their bodies and also carry it along in their handbags and purses with the total effect being the attraction of men to them.

It is also used by the people whose pay is dependent on the number of customers they serve, for example, the hairdressers and waitresses. There is a case in which the Jezebel root is used by women as bait for wealthy partners and even husbands. In this case, you tie Catnip, Dried Rose Buds, Adam & Eve Root, Sweet Flag, Jezebel root and Orris Root and then put them in a red small bag and, then pour some jezebel oil on the bag. Then perform the Jezebel ritual.

Magical uses

There are claims of magical power

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012