Irish moss

Irish Moss

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The Irish moss can also be referred to as Carrageen.

It is a real moss that has a structure resembling a dry leaf such as that of common seaweed in the north known as Chondrus crispus. The Irish moss is quite common in parts of North America and Europe that border the Atlantic Ocean.

The plant’s gender is taken as female and closely linked to power planet Saturn and the moon as well as element water.

Irish moss will help to

  • Enhance health as a food supplement.
  • Bringing luck to gamblers.
  • The attraction of customers.
  • Attracting money.

Medical uses

The herb has several applications in medicine where it is used to increase the nutrient content of food for those lacking nutrition or who are invalid.

Magical uses

Many people have believed that the Irish moss will bring about good luck when it comes to gambling and other money related issues. Fore the businesspeople and gamblers, it creates a good flow of money and customers in their favor. Most of the people who participate in lottery tickets carry some small part of the moss in some green bag or even in their pockets and this is meant to increase their earnings or generally their winning luck.

You can make the herb more powerful by combining it with Chamomile, Allspice Berries, Coreopsis, Cinnamon Chips, Calendula, and Alfalfa, they are to be fused by use of natural water for the river or spring.

Before you engage in any game that depends on luck, make sure that you clean your hands using the combination of herbs. On the other hand, it could be wise if you prepare a sachet as it is more portable than the liquid formula. Carry you sachet all the time you go to gamble or to play any game that is dependent on luck.

You can do this by simply using a green cloth of square shape and then putting it on a centred lodestone. Then put portions of yarrow, peppermint leaves, Irish moss, violet flowers and rosemary on the lodestone. After completing the process, just tie the piece of cloth with some golden colour cord or ribbon.

The moss will also offer cleansing, love, psychic powers and protection for you.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012