Huckleberry leaves

Huckleberry leaves

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The plant has several other names that include Airelle, Whinberry, Biliary Bark, Bleaberry and Whortleberry.

The plant is part of the Vacciniaceae family which is closely related to White Heather. It naturally grows as a bush in Europe, North America, and Asia. This is a female plant that is closely related to the element water and Venus, the planet.

Huckleberry leaves will help you to

  • Bringing good luck in dreams.
  • Making some dreams come real.
  • Giving the winning numbers in lotteries and gambling.

Magical uses

The Huckleberry has always been associated with good luck when it comes to dreams. Several people hold the belief that, when the Huckleberry leaves are burnt by charcoal, and people inhale the scent before retiring to bed at night, they will have fast luck that enables them to remember the dreams for good luck. There are others who believes that on dreaming after inhaling the scent of burnt huckleberry leaves, the dreams will come true.

The people who engage in gambling believe that if they burn the Huckleberry leaves before they sleep, their dreams will be revealed the lucky numbers or any other signs that lead to correct and winning answers. It is believed that on keeping a jar of Huckleberry leaves which have been combined with one or all of these: frankincense, buckthorn bark, honeysuckle,

Clover, heal all, chamomile, rosemary, sandalwood, Irish Moss, tonka bean, thyme, Job’s tears, rose hops, John the conqueror, lucky hand root, nutmeg, myrrh and mistletoe and upon waking up asking the goddess for assistance, your dreams will come to reality. The Huckleberry leaves also have the capability to keep away the negativity and offer protection and unhexing. For assured performance, you should place them in an amulet and good luck will definitely occur in your favor all the time.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012