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It can also be called Soldier’s tea, Horehound or Houndsbane.

The Horehound is just one of the wide varieties of Mint Family that are planted all over North America and Europe.

Horehound helps to

  • To treat various throat conditions
  • Keeping of animals from the compound
  • Protecting the home
  • Guarding against spells and magic
  • Healing, creativity, and balance

Medical uses

The plant has several uses in herbal cures. It is used in making cough drops to relieve patients from the symptoms of ticklish, sore or inflammation of the throat. This is a male plant that is closely linked to the power of planets Earth and Mars where Earth is an element. The name originated in Egypt where the name Horus was the ancient god of the Egyptians. Horus was associated with light and the sky.

The Horehound leaves when dried are sprinkled around the compound keep off animals’ from the compound. It is used as a prescription given by magicians as a prescription for protection. Its effectiveness is increased by combination with other plans such as the root of the Blake Snake tree.

Magical uses

The foreground has the power to keep off witches and spells due to its anti-magical properties. It is also an important ingredient in the incenses and exorcisms that offer protection. For power to protect from witchcraft, it is carried in a white bag. It offers adequate protection against evils spirits and people who are jealous of you when sprayed as an infusion around the house’s doors and windows.

By hanging small branches of the tree all over your house, you will protect yourself from all the negative powers that want to destroy you and your progress. The Horehound offers adequate protection when carried around in a sachet or burnt as incense.

It brings about proper balance, more creativity, and healing. When burnt as incense it will offer protection against any mental barriers that prevent you from reasoning wisely.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012