Hops flowers, whole

Hops flowers, whole

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The Hops flower can alternatively be referred to as Beer flowers as they are used in that brewing of beer as flavoring that gives beer a bitter and tangy taste, another use is in magic.

This is a plant of the vine family which grows tall as the season goes on. The origin has been traced back to the 8th or 9th century on which it was extensively cultivated in various places in Europe and Bohemia.

The herb is perennial and has been closely linked to planet Mars’ power, Hypno, deities Thoth, Hygeia and Isis.

Hop flowers help to

  • Bring about good sleep and sweet dreams.
  • Improving the condition of the sick.
  • Giving deeper insight of dreams.
  • Peaceful sleep of the children.

Medical uses

The flowers are commonly used to bring quick sleep and sweet dreams. Keeping a sachet of hops flowers in the pillow will bring to you good dreams. You can enclose them in a sachet together with Passionflower and Catnip and stuffed into a pillow soon before one goes to sleep. Ongoing to bed, lie on your back with the head on the pillow and say out a chant to the flowers so that they can offer you all the comfort you need during sleep. After the chant, relax your mind and think of anything that can cure insomnia. To increase the chances of having better dreams include calendula flowers. If your children experience nightmares, boil the flowers and add the liquid to the water you use to clean the floor.

Magical uses

The flowers do have divine powers that give a deeper insight of the dreams while one is in the state. The flowers are an additive in various incenses and formulas that are used to heal and exercise. Hanging Hops flowers in the bedroom of a sick person makes them recover faster. Taking Hop Flower tea gives you a good sleep. The flower also has religious uses in which they are used as additives amulets and sachets used for religious healing. They are important ingredients in the Full Moon bath formulas which are use in Full moon celebration or rites.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012