Holly Leaves

Holly Leaves

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Most of the former occupants of Europe considered the tree sacred.

In the modern-day England, the tree maintains its fresh green color amidst the white field that result from frost and snow. The tree creates beautiful scenery due to its smooth, fresh green, healthy and shiny leaves. The plant is known by various names, for instance, the residents of Norfolk refer to it as Hulver, and those in Dartmoor and Devon-Holme refer to it as Holmes Chase while some refer to it as Christ’s thorn.

Holly leaves will help to

  • Protect from negative elements
  • Protect the home against evils

Medical uses

This is a male tree that is linked closely to two planets, namely; Saturn and Mars, Element Fire and Zodiac Leo. The tree has real powers to offer protection against all evils, it keeps off all; the negative aspects such as enemy forces, poison and lighting.

It’s recommended that one plucks off nine holy leaves from the Holly tree past midnight in any given Friday, the number nine is associated with magical numbers thus choosing any other numbers will not guarantee the powers. Next, tie them up inside some white cloth by the use of tiny knots. To bring your dreams to reality, put the wrapped stuff under your pillow. It has been proven beyond doubt that, following the steps gives assurance that your dreams will turn true.

Magical uses

A magical spell made from Holly leaves actively offers protection from the evil powers and brings forth good spirits. Burning the leaves alongside incense is said to offer protection and good luck for the home. There are some people who put the leaves over the door to offer protection and shelter good spirits.

The Holy leaves are used widely in Christmas due to the ancient use of both the Holly Leaves and Counterparts by the then Christians.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012