Hawthorn berries, whole


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The Hawthorn berries have the power to offer protection for your home and bring you joy.

It is one of the best decorations for a maypole. It is considered essential in the improvement of fertility and is common in ritual groves, wedding events and celebrations for the May Day.

Hawthorn berries will help to

  • Protect the home.
  • Personal protection.
  • Increase blood flow to major body organs including brain and heart.
  • Treatment of sore throats

Medical uses

This thorn grows to a height of five feet and is naturally grows in several parts of the world, northern Africa, north America, parts of Asia and Europe. The Hawthorn berries have been in use for quite a long time now, for instance, it has been used in the treatment of various heart conditions for many centuries. It has successfully tested for the increase of flow of blood to various organs including the brain and heart, bringing about regular heartbeats, strengthening of the heart's muscles and consequently its contractions as well as reducing blood pressure. The thorn is also used in the treatment of sore throat.

The thorn symbolizes purity, unity between men and women and holy marriage. The hawthorn berries are male and are closely linked to Mars, deity Cardea and Fire.

Magical uses

The thorn possesses magical powers that offer protection to your home and as well create joy in your life. For one to experience its magical effects, they have to make tea using the berry's thorn and then sprinkle it in the house as this will help keep your spouse close. In addition to this, drinking tea will guarantee personal protection.

By keeping the hawthorn berries in your living room alongside other herbs that are used to offer protection will create a strong charm that will keep off evil people. For ladies, this thorn has the power to repel the rest of the women from your man. This is achieved through sprinkling the berries in the paths where the suspicious ladies walk.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012