Ginger root (Jamaica Ginger)

Ginger root (Jamaica Ginger)

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Ginger root is used to bring good luck.

Ginger is also an ingredient in some spells for success.

Ginger root will:

  • Attract money.
  • Heat up love spells.

Magical uses

Ginger root’s essential oil is also used in attracting blends for sexuality, love, courage and money. Some believe that eating Ginger before performing a spell will increase your power as you have already been “heated up” by it. Plant whole Ginger roots or sprinkle Ginger into your pockets or on your money to attract money.

The Dobu islanders use Ginger a lot in their magic. They believe that spitting chewed Ginger at the “seat” of table will cure such illness. They also spit out chewed Ginger at an oncoming storm while at sea to make it stop.

Ginger is also known as Jake Root and African Ginger, is a perennial herb that is native to China and India. It is a common ingredient in Asian cuisine and has been so for centuries. It is also a medicinal herb and has been used as far as the ancient times to treat ailments such as menstrual cramps, seasickness, food poisoning and even body odour. It is of masculine gender and is associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire.

Ginger root is used as a powerful protection from evil. It is also used in love and improving sexuality. Put under your pillow to protect from evil spirits, bad dreams and hag-riding. Powder and sprinkle in your yard to stop trouble. Add to love oils and powder to increase passion.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012