Garlic cloves (Ajo Japones)


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Garlic is an edible herb and a common culinary ingredient.

It is believed to have originated from Siberia, and then spread to the Mediterranean, Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Garlic has been known for centuries as an herb that helps ward off evil. It was popular in European witchcraft and has made considerable inroads in the African-American community.

Garlic is associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire.

Garlic will help to

  • Protect against visitors.
  • Increase speed, strength and getting things done.
  • Cleanse the blood.
  • Aid in health.
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Promote a healthy heart and circulatory system.

Magical uses

Garlic cloves are known for their powerful protective quality and its power to repel evil. Garlic is one of the ingredients used to make Four Thieves Vinegar and may be added to scrub water to spiritually cleans and rid a building of evil. It is also used to keep the law away.

Hang a long piece of garlic in your kitchen to discourage nasty visitors to your home. It may be used when needed for cooking and should be replaced annually. Bullfighters believe that wearing a clove of Garlic around their neck would protect them from the horns of the bulls.

There is a belief in some Balkan countries that Garlic when rubbed on doorknobs, protects from vampires. Dried Garlic wreaths are hung on doors to protect from evil witches and evil eye. Place peeled garlic cloves on the doorways and around the house for protection from illnesses.

Garlic cloves are also believed to have properties related to speed, strength, and endurance. Carry a Garlic clove with you when you are traveling by sea or water. It is said to prevent you from drowning. In the past, Garlic was given to slaves to enhance their strength.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012