Five Finger grass

Five Finger Grass

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Five Finger grass, which also goes by the name Silverweed, Torementil and Cinequefoil.

It has a leaf that is divided into five segments and resembles a human hand. Five Finger grass is a popular magical ingredient and is believed to ward of evil and bring luck in matters of money and love. It is also used to ensure your lucky. Gamblers typically combine Five Finger grass with ginger root because they believe that it helps their skill, as long as it is something that the five fingers is capable of doing.

It is one of the ingredients of Crown of Success oil and the Lucky gamblers hand-wash. For good luck, Five Finger grass oil may be made with three large Five Finger grass plant's, a few Frankincense drops of Jojoba oil. Let it sit for at least a week, but ideally for a month before it is ready. Vertivert or Bergamot oil may be added.

Five Finger grass will:

  • Bring a person luck.
  • Bring a person love.

Five Finger grass is also used in protection work. Make an infusion out of Five Finger grass and dissolve uncrossing bath crystals in it. You may add Lemon, Lemongrass, Camphor Oil or Lemon Juice to increase it's potency. Wash the cursed, hexed, fixed, dressed or jinxed premises with the infusion, even the walls.

After washing, burn either a Blessing Incense, Helping Hand Incense, Cayenne and Sulphur Incense, Uncrossing Incense, Peaceful Home Incense, Dragon's Blood Incense or Frankincense. This will remove the curse, hex, fix, dress, or jinx. It may also be used in reversal work.

Other uses of Five Finger grass include spells for love. Put a pinch of Five Finger grass behind a mirror (between the mirror and its backing) and hang the mirror where it faces the front or main door to prevent someone from forcing you from your home.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012