Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

Ferns were considered by the Druids as sacred trees and is one of the most magical herbs there are.

They usually grow in the shady areas of the garden and in the house.  It is considered of masculine gender and is associated with the power of the planet Mercury, the element Air and the deities Puck and Laka.

The Druids gathered the uncurled fronds of male fern during Midsummer and dried them for good luck. They also added the roots to love potions and ate the fronds when embarking on love quests.

Fennel seeds will

  • Help with Money
  • Times of lust.
  • Removing evil spirits.

Ferns are known for their protective quality. It is used to prevent jinxes and to protect the home by removing evil spirits, preventing evil spirits from entering the home and helping ward off burglars. Keep potted ferns in your home or on the patio to encourage protection and health.

Some practitioners cut up fern leaves and place these on the window sill of each room to keep intruders away. Others claim that mixing Fern leaves with Black snakeroot in a flannel bag will protect them, this will also ward off unnatural illness when carried with them. Still, others make tea out of the leaves to add this to a floor wash. It is associated with getting rid of hexes. Throw fern on a coal fire to remove any negative spirits or creatures.

Ferns are also known for other magical qualities. Burn outside to make it rain. Considered one of the favorite plants of fairies, you may carry or wear it so that it will help in finding things of value.

Fern seeds gathered during Midsummer’s Evening are required for potions of invisibility, along with poppy seeds, myrrh, marjoram, slippery elm, and fresh dill.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012