Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

Eucalyptus, also known as blue gum tree and stringybark tree, is associated with the power of the Moon and the element Water.

Traditionally, Eucalyptus has been used to repel fleas and other pests and this seems to have extended into its use in magic. Eucalyptus is used for protection, purification, and health. It is believed that Eucalyptus can remove evil in your home or at work.

Eucalyptus will:

  • Remove evil in your home.
  • Brings luck.

Pour boiling water over Eucalyptus leaves and let it steep until the water cools. Add this infusion to a “weak” person’s bath or to yours to help such “weak” person or yourself cast off evil (i.e., permanently break off bad people and to stop personal weaknesses such as drugs, alcohol, smoking and other bad habits). Place Eucalyptus leaves inside and around the house for protection. Planting a Eucalyptus tree would also be helpful.

During purification rituals, Eucalyptus leaves may be placed in a mesh bag and hung under the faucet. Some people like to burn Eucalyptus leaves on charcoal as incense as a way to cleanse their home of evil and to cleanse themselves after having contact with evil.

These may be carried around or put in your bed to maintain good health. Ringing a blue or green candle with Eucalyptus leaves or flowers will give off healing energies.

Do a healing spell by burning a candle and imagine a brilliant white healing light engulfing yourself if you want help with an illness. Let the candle burn in one day. Eucalyptus may also be used to get rid of depression and when one is unable to move forward. It is said to have the effect of opening the chest and invigorating the soul.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012