Earth smoke

Earth Smoke

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Earth smoke is an annual plant abundantly present practically everywhere on land.

It is commonly found in between crops and plants. It belongs to the family Fumariaceae. It is also known as Beggarry, common fumitory, and fumus. Its natural habitat is Wastelands and fields. It is native in Britain and Europe. In medicine, it has diuretic and laxative properties. It is used to help the liver and also for gallbladder difficulties.

Earth smoke will:

  • Help clear away bad vibrations.
  • Clear away negative energy.
  • Aid use in ritual spells.

In large doses it acts as a laxative and diuretic, however excessive amounts can cause looseness of the bowels as well as stomach-ache.  In magic, this is a significant ingredient in making a magic-spell that has a money-drawing effect.

It is of feminine gender and it is associated with the planet Saturn, the element Earth, and the deities Aine and Dagda. Historically, Earth Smoke has been burned in incense to exorcise evil spirits. It is also claimed that sprinkling an infusion of fumitory herb through your home and rubbing onto your shoes is a way to bring money into the home quickly. This is also used in herbal baths before rituals.

Earth Smoke provides protection and purifications to spiritual work. Earth Smoke is an herb used to counter magic, to protect, and to purify and cleanse the body.

It is a very highly recommended to use Earth Smoke on Hallow's Eve because it part of the group of incenses used to clear all negative energies. This smoke can be used as a wash or a temple. It can also be use to wash any ritual equipment. Earth smoke is great to burn before you move into a new home. It clears the negative energy.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012