Devil’s shoe strings

Devil Shoe String Herb

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Devil’s shoe string is a collective common name for several plants that commonly grow in North America.

These plant's belong to the honeysuckle family. In Hoodoo magic, the Viburnum variety is typically used.  Devil’s shoe strings are used for protection from hexes. This herb is also used to prevent people from gossiping. This herb has the power to protect against negative energy. Devil’s shoe string supposedly “trips” the Devil so he can’t get into the house. It is also used to attract luck when gambling and as an aid in securing employment.

This herb will help with

  • One's luck
  • Increase money.
  • Trip up one's enemy.
  • Protection.
  • Place in a red mojo bag for protection from crossed conditions. 
  • Carry in a green bag to increase wealth.

In the South, there is a practice among gamblers that before they gamble, they rub their money in a liquid mixture made by placing a whole John the Conqueror Root and seven Devil’s shoe strings in Whiskey for seven days.

Another spell for good luck involves wrapping nine Devil’s shoe string roots in white thread - this spell brings luck. This bundle is then placed in a narrow medicine bottle filled with Whiskey or Hoyt’s Cologne and is left to sit for nine days. Dip your finger in the liquid and run them through your hair nine times for luck when gambling, job application or basically any act that requires luck.

Wrap some of this herb into a figure of eight-like shape about two to three inches long at least three times. Then, wrap a green ribbon (silk if possible) in the center of the roots, at least three times thinking about the money you wish - it will happen. Carry this around for good luck in gambling and finding employment. It is also said that if you tie nine Devil’s shoe strings and a silver dime on your ankle, your enemy cannot hurt you as this spell takes away any hexes.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012