Cubeb berries

Cubeb berries

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Cubeb is widely used within Morocco, North Africa. It is an ingredient in gin.

The mature, unripe dried fruit of a perennial vine is gathered and carefully dried. It is also called tailed pepper because it is similar in appearance to black pepper, but with stalks attached. Pepper berries from Indonesia were imported to England in the thirteenth century. It is associated with the power of the planet Mercury or Mars and the element fire.

Cubeb berries are well-known by many people to bring about fortune in the ventures of love and lust. The first use of Cubeb was to help aid the male reproductive system if any difficulties were apparent. Thus, the nickname of Love Berries was given because there are numerous claims that it has the effect of making women a lot more willing to offer love and to make men more ready to respond to the woman’s generosity.

Cubeb berries will:

  • Bring fortune.
  • Love magic.
  • Sexual appetite.

Cubeb berries are normally used when one want's to search for a new lover. It is one’s partner and aid in searching and catching a soul mate. It is used to find the ultimate lover and to enhance sexual appetite.  It will also attract the desired mate. A number of people claim that mixing the berries to your bath water and then sprinkling the used bathwater and berries in one’s yard is an effective way of attracting the desired lover to you. It will increase the chance of meeting that special someone.

Other people also claim the effectiveness of this herb is to carry a handful of Cubeb berries in a Red Bag when one want's to meet a mate or to fall in love.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012