Comfrey leaf

Comfrey leaf

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Comfrey leaf is a perennial herb that originated in Europe and North America and grows in moist soil.

It is also commonly known as Blackwort, Bruisewort, Knitbone, Slippery root and Wallwort. It is of feminine gender and is associated with the powers of the planet Saturn and the element Water. The Celtics use Comfrey when calling on their gods Lir, Manannan Mac Lir and Aine. Comfrey leaves have been used in medicine to aid in healing wounds, rashes and broken bones.

Comfrey leaf will:

  • Heal a broken heart.
  • Give safety in a trip.

Comfrey leaf is known to help one hold onto money. It has the power to bring good luck, especially with financial and money matters, but ONLY whole leaves should be gathered and used for spells. It is recommended to wrap wealthy way oil around a leaf, for good luck. The leaf should be folded a number of times, towards the person.

This should be kept overnight or until one person takes a bet or gambles. There is a belief that this practice also brings good luck in winnings. On a Sunday, with a waxing moon in the sky, put a small green candle that has been inscribed with the amount of money that you require. Put this on a flat green stone. Sprinkle crushed Comfrey leaves around the stone and light the candle and let it burn.  Focus your mind on the money while the candle burns.

Comfrey leaf can be used for safety while traveling. Place a sachet of Comfrey leaves in your suitcase or bag to prevent it from getting lost, re-routed or stolen and to make sure it arrives at your destination with you.  Carry this sachet while traveling for protection and to ensure a safe trip. Hang a sachet with Comfrey leaves on your rear view mirror or hide under the car seat to protect your vehicle.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012