Clover flowers, white

Clover White

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White Clover is an herb that is part of the pea family.

It also goes by the name Shamrock, St. Patrick’s Herb, Trefoil, Three-Leaved Grass, and Rabbit-Foot Clover.

It is considered a male plant and is associated with the power of the planet Mercury, the element Air and the Dieties Artemis and Rowan. White Clovers typically have leaves bunched in threes. However, there are instances when there are more than three leaves bunched together. It is believed that a four leafed Clover is a sign of good luck and is used as a charm against snakes. Others say it gives the gift of second sight and aids in communicating with fairies. A five leafed clover is a sign of a good marriage.

This clover can be used for personal purification and its protective quality helps drive away evil influences. It is also believed to bring good luck. Some believe that if you add the flowers to a mojo bag it stops hexes an put a stop to crossed conditions. Others say that if you put add the clover to Four Thieves Vinegar and sprinkle it around a room, at the same time reciting the 37th Psalm, it will clear away evil such that only good luck will be around you. This has to be done every day for nine days. The result will usually occur at the end of the nine days. White Clover flowers may also be worn as a sachet or put in the four corners of a house or property to break curses. A white Clover flower bath is believed to protect the bather against snake attacks.

White clover flowers will:

  • Protect you.
  • Improve love.
  • Four or more leaves - great luck will come to you!

An essence made with white Clover flowers and seeds is used in helping to overcome fears when one is living through change, overcoming a sense of inadequacy, lifting your spirit when you feel week or incompetent, reducing fear of abandonment, easing the fear of failure or responsibility, breaking cycles of negativity, strengthening inner knowing and intuition and helping you to trust your instinct. So, as you can read, clover can be used for many positive spells.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012