Clover flowers, red

Clover Red

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Red clovers are perennial herbs which belong to the pea family.

It grows all over Europe and North America and is also known as Cow Clover, purple Clover and Bee-Bread. This clover is considered as one of the world’s oldest weed, it has been used as a religious and magic symbol.

Clover flowers will:

  • Ensure a happy marriage.
  • Improve love.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believe that there are three leaves that symbolize the Triple Goddess; the Celts believed it symbolized the Sun; and Christians believed it symbolized the Holy Trinity. Sometimes a clover will have four leaves and this is considered to be lucky. Red Clovers are masculine in gender and are also associated with the power of the planet Mercury and the element Air.

Red Clover flowers, believed to bring good luck in love and marriage matters, are typically used in love magic and in spells that would ensure a prosperous marriage and conjugal felicity. Some people carry them in a flannel bag to help satisfy conjugal relations and help ensure a happy marriage. It may be made into a tea with other herbs that are associate with love magic such as: Lavender, Lovage, Catnip, Rosebuds, Damiana, and Ginger. Bathe in this tea for nine days before dawn - to bring love into your life. Save the bath water and use it over your head. Always rub downward and never upward. On the ninth morning, carry the wash basin to a crossroads, call the name of the person you desire and throw the water towards the rising Sun. It is said that soon enough your lover will come to you.

Red Clover flowers may also be added to lust potions. The petals may also be added to magical potpourris that are for love, luck or success and in doing the Aphrodite New Moon Love Spell.

Other uses for red Clover flowers include money, protection, exorcism, success, beauty, youth,  and the blessing of domestic animals. It is also an additive to charms of good intent. For success in dealing with financial arrangements, add red Clover to your bath. You may also carry it around to achieve the same effect. Sprinkle around your home to remove negative spirits.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012