Chamomile flowers (Manzanilla)

Chamomile flowers (Manzanilla)

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The chamomile flowers is an ingreient in teas for a relaxing and stress reducing effect.

The plant is associated with the power of the Sun and the element Water. Chamomile flowers are known to be a lucky herb and is usually used in gambling spells and washes, as well as for uncrossing and unhexing. It is also known to attract money, wealth, and prosperity and for love, peace, tranquillity and purification.

Chamomile flowers will:

  • Help gambling.
  • Bring luck.

Many people use Chamomile flowers to bring luck gambling an in financial matters, especially in betting: cards, slots, keno, the racetrack, the lottery and bingo say that if they clean their hands in the flowers, they will receive good luck. Leave in boiling water for five minutes. Before placing any bets wash your hands in the liquid and recite the 23rd Psalm. Put the flowers under tap water while having a bath and wash your body, face and hair in the water to attract a lover. Also use the flowers in a bath when you need peace. Place in your pillow for a peaceful sleep. Use in charms and burn in rituals to attract money. Sprinkle dried Chamomile flowers around your property to protect from spells and curses.

Chamomile flowers are also known to remove negative energy. Sprinkle a few blossoms around the rooms of your home including window sills. It may also be made into a floor sweep. Take a broom and sweep in the direction of the front door to sweep it out of your home and not draw it back inside.

Spread the herbs on the ground that has been swept, envisioning loving white and a golden light surrounding your property. Other people chant some thing or just replicate a brief psalm to seal and safeguard the task. Let the herbal mixture sit for a while then remove them.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012