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Celandine is a poisonous herb that also goes by the name of Celydoyne, Chelidonium, Devil’s Milk, Greater Celandine, Kenning Wort, Swallow Herb, Swallow-Wort and Tetterwort.

It is a native of Europe and a member of the Poppy family and is considered of masculine gender and associated with the power of the Sun and the element of Fire. The origin of its name is said to come from the Greek word “chelidon” which means swallow because people believed that it flourished with the bird’s arrival and withered when it departed. It should not be confused with the Lesser Celandine, which is a different plant that belongs to the Buttercup family.

​Magical uses

Celandine is used in magic for protection, to aid in escape, for happiness and to aid in legal matters. Wearing celandine next to the skin is thought to bring the bearer luck, but it must be replaced every three days. This will also help if one feels trapped. It has been noted that wearing  will bring one good spirits and joy and is said to cure depression. There are claims that it aids in prophetic dreams when used in a sleep pillow.

This herb will

  • Protect.
  • Bring one luck.
  • Wear this herb to bring happiness and ward off depression.

Celandine has a protective quality and can confuse the enemy. Burn as incense or add to floor scrubs for protection to keep away witches and law officers. Mix with Poppy Seeds to confuse the testimony of a police witness in court to help criminal defendants win. This mixture may be carried, sprinkled or burned with Law Keep away incensed.

Cook celandine with the heart of a mole and consume it to vanquish enemies and win lawsuits.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012