Cardamom seed

Cardamom Seed

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Cardamom is a perennial herb that is a member of the ginger family and is a native to some parts of Asia.

The plant is feminine and is associated with the powers of the planet Venus and the element Water. It is an expensive spice that is used in cooking, especially Indian and Arabic cuisine. Cardamom is a stimulating herb and relaxes the body and clarifies the mind. It is considered an aphrodisiac in some countries and the seeds are edible.

Magical uses

​Cardamom seeds are typically used in magic spells that intend to bring about lust, passion, and love. It has a widely-held reputation as an object that brings good luck in love and sexual relationships and enhances attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Some people chew Cardamom seeds when they are out to meet a new lover. The seeds are said to sweeten and flavor the words that come out of the user’s mouth and help make flirting as natural and easy as breathing. Others carry a mix of Cardamom seeds and other love herbs in a mojo bag, this helps to create an atmosphere which causes a surge of libido. Cardamom seeds may be added to warmed wine for a quick lust potion. Bake it into apple pie or cookies for a wonderful amatory pastry. Add to love and lust sachets.

Cardamom seeds are known to emit an exquisite scent when crushed. It may be used as incense for burning in love spells such as the Aphrodite New Moon love spell. It may also be used in love baths and any spells that involve matters that relate to Venus, such as beauty, compassion, constancy, companionship, pleasure, delight, really like, good fortune, yoga, enjoyment, getting back together, and babies. It is also an ingredient in some stress-relieving spells.

Caraway seed will:

  • Help your chances of attracting men or women.
  • Bring lust, and sex passion into your life.

Cardamom seeds have medicinal properties. It has been used to treat phlegm, bad breath, headaches, impotence, morning sickness, and depression. It was one of the ingredients in the Elixir of Life, a European medicine during the renaissance period.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012