Calamus root chips

Calamus root chips

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Calamus root is also known as sweet flag root.

It is a perennial herb that grows in some parts of Europe, Asia and North America. Mentioned in the book of Exodus in the Hebrew Bible, it is one of the ingredients in the ritual incense ketoret. The Bible also mentions about the root’s stimulating and visionary effect. This visionary effect was also recognized by the Native Americans, who considered the herb sacred. The Ancient Chinese believed that Calamus put one’s energy into balance, allowing one to resonate as a whole. Chew on Calamus root while breathing deeply, fully and slowly to make anxiety and panic subside.

Calamus root is a strong and powerful herb in magic. It is typically used by those who wish to control a situation or dominate over a specific person. It is known for healing, balance, protection, luck and prosperity. Growing the plant in your garden is said to bring good luck and aids in the protection of the property.

Calamus will

  • Heal.
  • Balance.
  • Protect.
  • Provide luck and prosperity.

People claim that calamus root gives protection against an enemy. It is a common ingredient in spells and formulas that involve controlling others such as Commanding, Essence of Bend-Over and Follow Me Boy. Some magic practitioners mix calamus root with Commanding Powder and sprinkle the mixture around the room where they will meet someone they want to control. Others add calamus root to a conjure bag filled with love herbs in order to d​ominate in a Love Affair. Calamus root can also be burned as an incense while doing a domination candle-spell.

Calamus root is also believed to increase good luck and attract abundance and help in healing and protection of a person or property. Sprinkle powdered root around the perimeter of your home to protect from robbers. It also discourages fleas and other unwanted pests. Use in incense to encourage spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Cut up dried calamus root and place them in the corners of the rooms of your house to ensure that you have more than enough money when you are worrying about your finances.

In addition, calamus root is medicinal. Powder the root and mix into a glass of white wine to help settle an upset stomach. Chew candied roots to soothe sore throat or calm persistent cough.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012