Broom straw

Broom Straw

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Broom straw is a shrub that is native to England.

It has medicinal properties and is used as a tonic for the bladder and kidneys. It helps cleanse the urinary system and gives renewed energy. In magic, it is typically used to drive away witches and unwanted visitors and as magical protection from evil.

Broom's are known for their ability to cleanse and protect. They are one of the ingredients to Chinese Wash, a powerful spiritual house-cleansing product. One may make tea out of broom straw and use it in a cleansing bath rub to cleanse oneself.

To get rid of bad conditions, wash downwards. After this, throw your bath water to towards the East direction.  If you tie together nine broomsticks together and put under your pillow, this will be used as protection while sleeping and the prevention of evil dreams.

Those who have been cursed during sleep should place a broom at the base of their bed to keep the spell off. Unwelcome visitors, including troublesome people and unsettled spirits, are kept away when you place either a broom or nine broom straws across the doorway.

Broom straw will

  • Get rid of negative energy.
  • Allow you to sweep away evil.

Broom straw may also be used to get rid of negativity and limitations in your life, to purify your thoughts and your home, and to enhance your ability to see into the future. A symbolic broom is made by tying together several bunches of broom straw with a brightly colored ribbon. Slowly sweep from the front of the house to the back, working from room to room and sweeping away dust and any negativity. Before beginning again, take a few deep breaths and say a short prayer for guidance and assistance. Once you have reached the back of the house, sweep all the dust and debris out the back door and into a dustpan.

Empty it into the trash can to be carried away from your home for good. A regular house broom may be used as a substitute if you can't find broom straw, but first give it a smudging to clear it of any previous influences. You may also boil a handful of broom straws in saltwater to dispel negative spirits.

The other power of broom straw includes calling the wind and curing warts. Say a prayer and then throw a few sprigs of dried broom straw into the air to call up the wind. If you desire a quiet wind, say a prayer and then burn the herb outside, allowing the smoke to curl up toward the heavens. Measure a wart crosswise with broom straw and then bury the straw. As the straw decays, the wart will too disappear. It may also be used as an ingredient in incense and in separation spells.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012