Borage flowers

Borage flowers

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Borage is a masculine plant, is associated with the power of the planet Jupiter, the zodiac sign Leo and the element Air.

It is also known as Barrach, tailwort, bees brea and starflower. The origin of its name is a mystery, but some say that it was derived from the corruption of the word carago-courage, or translated as “I bring courage.” Some consider the flowers as the famous blue flower in the songs of the German Romantics, which is known as a symbol of infinite romantic longing.

Borage flowers are commonly used in magic to bring peace in the home, tranquillity in the family and calmness in domestic relationships. Adding Borage flowers to a salad and eating it gives and enhances happiness in life. It has an uplifting effect that ends melancholy. Make a tea out of Borage flowers by steeping it. Add the tea to some peaceful home bath wash and use to scrub the floors to restore harmony and love to the family.

Alternatively, the tea may be sprinkled on the four corners of all rooms in your house and the four corners of the kitchen table to achieve the same effect. It might be used by itself or perhaps mixed with blue-flowered forget-me-not, Blossoms, Periwinkle, Peppermint and also incorporating drops of Happy Home oil.

Borage flowers are also historically known to induce courage. Wine flavoured with borage was drank by Celtic warriors to give them courage in battle. Borage flowers and leaves were eaten by Roman soldiers before they went into battle. Scarves embroidered with borage flowers were worn by Medieval knights. Place a borage flowers in your pocket for courage. Add to tea or wine before facing a stressful situation to enhance courage.

Boldo leaf will

  • Give you courage.
  • Restore harmony
  • Help a family who have had conflict.
  • Restore love in a family.
  • Bring good luck.

Other powers of borage flowers include increasing psychic powers, relieving the symptoms of depression, good luck and protection. Place borage flowers in your buttonhole for protection when outdoors. In addition, borage flowers may be used in incenses. Also put on your altar to help encourage spells to work.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012