Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh

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Blue cohosh, is a woodland herb native to the United States and Canada.

It is an herb that is assigned to the actual planetary powers of Jupiter and also Mars. Azure cohosh is considered good for protecting the young, especially babies.

Tea made from Blue cohosh root helps regulate difficulties in menstruation. It has also been traditionally used in baths to aid labour in pregnancy and as a natural treatment to deal with aching throats, as well as infant colic. Blue cohosh was used by the Iroquois. They used this to help with the symptoms of arthritis; by the Mohegan to treat urinary tract infections. Native Americans also used it to treat fever an lung problems.

Magical uses

Add this herb to a black flannel bag to guard and protect children and the young. If your home, automobile or even garments are been jinxed, it could act as a cleanser if added to Chinese wash. Blue cohosh teas will then be included to the wash water to sweep away any remaining clutter. Blue cohosh tea can also be included in the floor-washes or ritual bathing.

It may also be used to bless a new home using smoke from incense with Blue cohosh. While blessing the house, say, “Help me gain money, happiness, and bless this house. May all which enter the home become blessed together with goodwill as well as prosperity. May this home be protected now and always.”

Other magical properties of Blue cohosh include bringing great joy and happiness, encouraging chastity, creating opportunities for serendipity, motherhood, courage and balance.

By Florance Saul
Mar 8, 2013