Blood Root

Blood Root

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Blood root is an uncommon plant found in woods in native America.

It was used by the population for red dye and red body paint, hence, the name. Many people believe that in relationships where there is a lack of faithfulness or if respect is lacking this is a great root to work with.

This means a relationship is made permanent because of blood ties, blood root's may strengthen the relationship. This is also known as a good hex breaker. It protects marriage, promotes harmony with extended family members, especially in-laws, prevents people from interfering with your marriage, wards off evil in the home and brings better luck in family matters.

Get a red mojo bag, fill with blood root chips and rosemary then tie it together, and hang above your door. All that passes under it when entering the home will respect your marriage. When burned on charcoal, blood root chips will bring about good relations with in-laws and bring peace in the home.

Sew into the pillow to provide protection when someone is trying to take your spouse. Carry in a red mojo bag. Add blueing and Dragon’s blood to stop evil. Carry it around or place it around the home as general protection from negative energy or spells. Burn it to cleanse an area of negative energy. Blend thoroughly with Blue Stone, Sugar and Cinnamon then put in a red mojo bag to keep away evil.

Blood root will

  • Protect.
  • Keep your sex life alive.
  • Keep away evil.

Sexual uses

It is also believed to aid in sexual pleasure. Make a marital sex charm by wrapping one “Queen” Coon Root (pinkish blood root) and one “King” Coon root (dark red or brown blood root), cover in Love Me Oil, in red flannel. Sew this inside your bed mattress, in the middle and between the two spouses to keep things alive. Develop a sex tonic simply by using a “King” Coon root chip, plus a “Queen” Coon plus a half a handful of Wintergreen leaves. Mix these all together in a container of Rum. Have a spoonful at least once a week to safeguard the libido.

Magical uses

Blood root is a successful substitute for blood in spell recipes when made into diabolic wine. Add a pinch of powdered blood root to the base of dark red wine, cover the latter part of the glass. Mix well and leave overnight wrapped in a silk red cloth. Put your hand over the wine glass and say “This wine is not wine but blood, this is the blood of mine, this is life” blood root chips is poison and should not be ingested or taken internally.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012