Blackberry Leaves

Blackberry Leaves

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Blackberry Leaves and berries are sacred to the goddess Brigit, the goddess of healing, poetry, sacred wells and witchcraft, and are typically used in invocations to the said goddess. 

Blackberry Leaves are typically used in magic to remove evil spirits from a home and to return evil to enemies and to protect against those doing you harm. Blackberries are also used in worship.

Certain conjures and root doctors who are well-versed in such matters have said that in order to send evil back to the sender, they would usually use a black figure made of porcelain. Alternatively, a black figure candle to resemble the enemy. This is laid on a red cloth covered in Blackberry Leaves and sprinkled with black salt.  A black ribbon is then used to tie this all together. A hammer is then used to hit the package three times.

While this is happening the magic worker calls out what they would like to send back to the sender. When they are done, they would throw the packet into a deep hole.

Magical uses

Blackberry Leaves are also used in protection, to attract wealth and healing. Take the leaves and twine with rowan and ivy to keep away evil spirits. Some money spells have blackberry leaves as an ingredients. Wrap a large Blackberry Leaves around a silver coin and bind it in place using some thread. This should include both silver, the green (from the leaves) and gold. Then say: “Where gold and green are joined, blessed herewith by a silver coin, wealth and prosperity to me.” “Three ladies came from the east; One with fire and two with frost; Out with fire, in with frost.” This spell helps attract money. Blackberry Leaves may be used for meditating, it may be put in mixtures designed to give knowledge. It also has healing properties. The leaves are chewed for bleeding gums and may be used fresh in poultices for wounds, buns, mouth sores and sore throats.

Blackberry leaves will

  • Send evil back to the sender.
  • Protect.
  • Attract wealth.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012