Black candle tobacco

Black candle tobacco

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Black candle tobacco is native to North America, it is not the ordinary tobacco used to make cigarettes.

Tobacco in hoodoo draws its origins through history. The tobacco plant was burned to attract spirits.  The slaves brought the deep spiritual connection of tobacco to America. Cigars were considered superior tobacco, thus, this was burnt as an offering to an ancestor, and played a key part of the natural magick in shamanism.

Tobacco has been found in many rituals to help spirit-contact, help in the courtroom, and dominate individuals as well as situations. 

The herb is mainly used by magicians and herbalists who deal with evil powers. There is a high degree of trust on the black candle tobacco. It is used in making various rituals all of which make some reality of something.

For instance, the black candle tobacco has various applications in hoodoo. There are some claims that it will help recover a lost love if sprinkled on the telephone or in a letter. Perhaps, the most significant use of the black candle tobacco is its use to get favor in rulings on court cases; in this case, it will be mixed with salt and put in the pocket as one attends the court sessions.

It is a powerful mojo hand when putting in a conjure bag with other lucky herbs such as Lodestone, John the Conqueror root, cat’s eye shells as well as Black cat hair. It is sometimes used an incense, especially when burning candles.

Black candle tobacco will help to

  • Get favorable ruling in court cases.
  • Recover lost lover.
  • Keep off, undesirable people.
  • Banish spells.
  • Clean yourself.

Magical uses

It can be used in binding in the following way; cut some part of his or her clothing of those that require binding, empty a bottle and stuff some of this tobacco inside, dispose of the remaining parts. Write the name of whoever you want to get rid of on a brown pepper and circle it, write the name of a place outside the circle. Add the paper to the bottle and let it settle for nine days and nights. Then toss in running water without looking back as this will encourage the magic.

Use the black candle tobacco to banish troublesome individuals; in this case you need a black candle. Get a picture of the person that you wish to banish. Let the candle rest on troublesome person’s head, besides it, put a parchment with their name. Carve "Eel kanno taf" on the candle. Burn for nine nights while you read psalms 94 each night and put candle out afterwards, don’t blow off the dust - or the magic will be powerless.  On the last night let the candle burn until finished.

When you want to banish a stirring spell, prepare a pot of tobacco soup and in it draw a pentagram while stirring counterclockwise nine times. As you stir ask the lord to remove the burdens in your life and then eat the soup. It will be much better if you shared the soup with a rival.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012