Bearberry Leaf

Bearberry Leaf

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The Bearberry leaf is otherwise known as Arctostaphylos uva-ursi.

 It is a common ingredient used by Native Americans in tobacco to make a smoking mix called Kinnikinnick. It may also be smoked on its own. Also, this leaf can be mixed with other herbs and is traditionally smoked in ceremonial pipes.

The Native Americans, who smoked tobacco as an act of prayer believed that by smoking the leaves, a wish will be granted by the divine. It was also employed by tribes in the training of shamans in skills of divination and prophecy.

Modern magic practitioners believe that Bearberry has the power to increase psychic awareness and deepen your connection to your spirit. This herb is considered on the "at-risk" list.

Magical uses

Tea is made out of the leaves to increase psychic abilities and divination. Typically, people and rootworkers mix equal parts of Damiana, Bearberry, Tobacco, Myrrh, and Psychic Vision Incense - burning them all as incense in order to open the spirit's guidance. According to herbalists, drinking Bearberry tea daily aids the kidneys. Spiritualists claim that drinking the tea activates the gift to restore others. People who use speckled stones to mend their health feel that bayberry increases the stone’s natural power when it is soaked in a tea of Bearberry and then air-dried. Some writers claim that Bearberry foliage can be utilized in amulets for animal magic and animal shapeshifting.

Bayberry Roots will

  • Restore other peoples health.
  • Give psychic vision.

Mix dried leaves with a pinch of tobacco. This will make a good incense for meditation to increase psychic abilities and purify the area and create a sacred place.It may be used to consecrate the altar for sacred purposes when placed under it. Take the leaves in a Mojo bag together with Anise Seed and combine with Star Anise to create visionary dreams and help divination. Sprinkle powdered leaves on shoes to take you to your true love.

Medical uses

Bearberry also has healing properties. It aids the kidney and is a disinfectant and helps relieve pain during urinary infections and kidney stones. It also has detoxifying effects and has been used for diabetes, diarrhea, dysentery, profuse menstruation, fevers, haemorrhoids, piles, rheumatism, gonorrhea, the spleen, liver and pancreatic areas. While Bearberry is safe in moderation, it may be mildly poisonous if overused.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012