Bay leaves

Bay Leaves

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The bay leaf is from the bay laurel tree, which has been cultivated since the beginning of history.

The bay laurel tree was considered a symbol of honor in Greece and Rome. According to Greek mythology, the heartbroken Apollo made a crown from bay branches and wore it in honor of his love for Daphne, the nymph that turned into a bay laurel tree.

In Rome, the herb was dedicated to Fides, the goddess of honor and fidelity. The Priestesses of the Delphic often chewed the leaves. This was to induce divinations and enhance communication with the divine.

Bay leaves will

  • Protect against evil.
  • Help keep your home peaceful.
  • Remove negative spells.
  • Induce prophetic dreams.

Magical uses

According to folk wisdom, bay leaves are used to ward off evil, no evil can stay where the bay leaves have been. People in the 17th century believed that it protected them against witchcraft. Bay laurel trees were planted around homes to defend against curses and as protection. It may also be used in teas for clairvoyance and to aid in divination. You can also wear the bay leaves to reduce negativity, burn or scatter in exorcism rituals. If the bay leaf is crushed it can be mixed with sandalwood powder and burned on charcoal to remove curses and evil spells. Place bay leaf beneath your pillow to induce prophetic dreams.

If you carry the bay leaf in a mojo bag this stops the interference of unwanted people. Also, placing one dried bay leaf in each corner of a room helps avoid being jinxed, especially if you are doing a bad job on someone else. Bay leaf's may also be dried. This can then be made into tea. Some have even added the bay leaf to a regular floor wash to remove jinxes.

Bay is excellent against enemy tricks that may have been placed on the door-step, it is said to wash away evil. It may also be used to make a Chinese Wash stronger by adding bay leaves to the wash water. This Chinese wash is to help clear any adverse conditions. Additionally, dried bay leaves may also be used as a floor sweep. Sprinkle them in your hallway and sweep them out the front door

Other uses

Bay leaves have been used in healing due to the antifungal and antibacterial properties. When scattered in the pantry, its insecticidal properties repel meal moths, flies, roaches and silverfish.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012