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Barberry is a bushy shrub.

It is ornamental in structure and is grown in European countries. It is also found in North Africa and some parts of Asia. There have been reports of this bush growing in North and South America. It has a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt, where it was used with Fennel to prevent the plague.

Sometimes called Holly thorn, it is believed that it was part of the Crown of Thorns made for Jesus Christ. It also goes by the common name of Oregon grape, although it is not a kind of grape.

This herb is often mistaken for Bayberry, the money drawing herb. This bush is used as a protector against evil, this is why the name contains the word "bar." Historically, this bush has been used to remove an enemy’s progress. It is associated with protection, especially if you make your enemy walk across the barberry branches.

Barberry will

  • Stop an enemy.
  • Bring money.
  • Protect against evil.
  • Help connect to your spirit guide.

Magical uses

Folk law recommends that if you need to prevent someone from hunting you down, then cut three lines of Barberry branches. Two that are one foot long, and one that is three foot. Make a double cross shape with two shorter branches. When you lay them down say the following passage: " "Bar you my enemy (say full name of enemy) from my life, my first line stands for hope, my second line for charity and my final line for love.” Anyone hunting you down shall be thrown off track, raising the difficulty in finding you and will stop any progress in their magical workings and will end any spell or curse they have sent your way. Another spell is to write down the name of your enemy on a parchment paper, pop it into a black bag and add some Barberry bark and this will have the same effect.

To use as a powerful protection mojo, add three small amounts of Barberry bark and each time you put the herb into the mojo bag, repeat each of these words, “Charity,” “Hope,” and “Faith.”

It may also be used to influence groups by providing protection and positive energy flow, warding away negative energy.

By Florance Saul
Jan 18, 2013