Balm of Gilead

Balm of Gilead

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The Balm of Gilead is a balm that has been used in hoodoo to comfort those who have encountered disappointment in love.

The balm encourages the reconciliation of two people who have lost the feeling of love. It can repair hearts, along with helping damaged relationships and friendships. The Balm of Gilead is also included in the Bible.

It is said to be the same ancient trade item that was known as the Balsam of Mecca, which originated​ from Southern Arabia. This balm is a relative of myrrh.

Spiritual Uses

The spiritual uses of this herb is to rekindle passion in difficult relationships. The book, the Victorian Language of Flowers details Balm of Gilead as a herb that one uses when they are ready to feel real love.

This herb is commonly used as an ingredient in love potions and amulets which help create lust. It eases the pain of a broken-heart and soothes heartaches caused by  an argument or lover’s quarrels. It helps to protect against any disruption that maybe caused by a jealous person at work. It also protects against any friends that have meddled in the enquirer's love life. It has also been used in manifestations and has protective and healing qualities. Some practitioners put Balm of Gilead in the bedroom to bring peace to the home. Normally, just a pinch in the four corners works wonders in helping create sexual relationships. Subsequently, this puts an end to both marital and problems in the bedroom. Balm of Gilead has been known to be carried in a mojo bag to help reconciliation in love. Some believe that it will result in getting back together with an estranged lover, friend or spouse.

This herb can be mixed with myrrh and placed on charcoal to burn. This is said to encourage a lover to return, and to renew contact. Burning Balm of Gilead is also said to attract spirits for purposes of necromancy or divination. Mix in merlot to make a strong love potion. Mix in a red flannel pouch, adding in Rosebuds, dried Lavender and fresh lemon to mend a broken heart.

This can also be used to attract a new lover. You can also mix the Balm of Gilead with Lemon Grass and use as an incense to make a lover contact you. In summary, this herb is associated with mending a broken heart or trying to attract a new love. Additionally include this in your mojo bag to attract lady luck if you gamble. This herb can also be use for protection from gossip and the evil eye.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012