Asafoetida Powder And Oil Uses

Asafoetida is also known as Ferula Assafoetida. In hoodoo, it is known as devil’s dung. It has been called stinking gum and the food of the Gods.

As a powder, Asafoetida has both a bitter taste and foul smell. Due to these properties, Asafoetida has truly earned the name the nickname “devil’s dung”. The herb originates from the Middle East and grows approximately six feet in length with bright yellow flowers, which clump together in clusters. The stem and roots are hollow and contain an organic liquid akin to sulfur. Although the herb may be used to spice some dishes and impart its distinct flavor, the herb itself cannot be eaten raw. Doing so is guaranteed to induce severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Asafoetida is a well-known, nasty-smelling herb which is often referred to as the “devil’s dung“. Apparently, the herb remains an old preventive against diseases in Europe, while red Indians use to use this herb it to stimulate their brain. In hoodoo practice, asafoetida fights off evil and can help you harm your enemies. This indicates if there’s a person bothering you, the herb can be used as a bath or in rituals. Some actually use the herb for negative purposes. Here I am going to share details on how this important herb is used in magic. Allegedly, if you burn the asafoetida plant on charcoal and ask spirit to help you it is believed that the wish will be granted. 

Many people actually believe in the magical uses of this plant that’s closely related to Pluto and Mars. Allegedly, the plant was created from God’s semen when he came down from heaven to visit the earth, he planted his semen in the fertile ground and so the asafoetida was created. Apparently, the plant contains sulfur, a large amount of it that’s responsible for its distinctive but terrible smell. Both the sulfur and the smell are believed to be associated with magical powers and used as cures.

Back in time, the asafoetida plant was used as a cure. It was included in exorcisms and protection from evil spirits. Allegedly, the plant’s smell had the power to destroy the evil spirits or chase them away from the possessed human bodies. Also, the herb was included in self-purification ceremonies and rituals. However, during rituals, if a spell goes wrong, it was possible the evil spirits would turn into fire or even worse. In self-purification rituals, the plant would add strength to the ritual itself and increase its affection. Besides all this, the asafoetida plant represents a symbol of luck and positive energy, chasing away the evil spirits asap, demons and all that’s negative and evil.

Although it was used to harm other people, this plant is mostly used for positive purposes. Some people still use asafoetida today. An interesting fact and probably the reason why this plant is called this is that the asafoetida plant is linked with the Devil’s card in Tarot. Also, one to mention is that the plant is also used in meditations. Apparently, people believe it increases our spirituality and helps us relax, even though it has an awful smell. Honestly, I can’t imagine myself relaxing and meditating to a terrible smell in the air but it’s probably a matter of opinion. It’s believed the plant helps you discover your true self and banish negativity from your life. It also helps you attract the material things you want to have in life and connect with your soul to a much higher level.

Some people even believe that the asafoetida may chase away your negative desires, like for example suicidal thoughts or hurt yourself in some other way. The plant is an excellent way to practice “patience” and learn how to handle things you can’t change. Along with the Galbanum, these two plants make the perfect banishing ingredients. Apparently, in combination, they’re able to cure free-floating panic and fear. Aside from the nasty smell that’s used to dispel demons and other evil presence, the plant is also worn as an amulet to keep a person safe and protected from curses and evil eyes.

If you’re a student or need more concentration at work, you might find burning asafoetida useful. It’s believed to sharpen your focus and help you concentrate and be much easier and learn faster. This herb is an excellent choice for those seeking an entrance leading to heaven or other mysterious and magical places. Sometimes, it’s used to invoke gods and other mystical creatures. Some even use it to call on the fertility gods and obtain help in conceiving a child. 

The asafoetida plant is also believed to be a powerful ingredient or substitute for magical herbs in many spells and magic formulas related to the planet Mars. For example, this plant is an important ingredient in spells that refer to healing after surgery, calming short temper and aggression, acquiring courage, gaining more protection from the planet Mars and from the gods, exorcism rituals, sexual energy, lust, sexual potency, physical and mental strength, and inner peace and calmness.

According to some sayings, the asafoetida will keep you safe from colds, fever, and demons if you wore it as your amulet. Aside from burning the herb, it’s recommended to attach a small piece of garlic to your incense holder for prolonged protection. When it comes to protecting your home from evil spirits, it’s believed that a mixed combination of the plant along with garlic, valerian and pepper will help you out and keep you protected. Some hang it on their front door or porch.

Some people hang it above the entrance of the room you want to keep protected and safe. If you’re scared of vampires and noticed their presence around, it’s recommended to wear a small red bad with a lump of sulfur along with some asafoetida around your neck. This way, vampires, evil eyes, and werewolves will stay out of your way. Aside from protecting yourself, you will also keep your friends protected.

Roots of a 12-foot-height fennel, dried resin of the stem and asafoetida make this strong, terrible-smelling scent that’s dominated and ruled by the planet Saturn. It’s often used in self-purification rituals and for breaking spells, and spiritual chains. I feel that this plant can teach us about boundaries and limitations, meaning this plant or combination of plants might increase a person’s self-awareness and plays a very important role in learning how to be more disciplined, patient and persistent in life.

The asafoetida is a safe substitute for henbane. The henbane is a dangerous plan often associated and ruled by Saturn too, however, it’s dangerous, while the resin is often associated with Mars because of its warming appearance. It’s a known ingredient in different recopies for eliminating scent and unpleasant smells. 

As you probably figured out by now, the asafoetida is one hell of a nasty smelling plant with power usage. It’s best known for its protectiveness, black magic or just to fix some spell if it goes wrong but enough of the plant’s usage and magical powers. It’s time I tell you something about its background and origin. The famous asafoetida is native to Eastern Persian and Afghanistan. It grows between 2 and 4 thousand feet above sea level. The roots are covered in fibers, while the stem is covered in leaves.

Asafoetida’s flowers are pale yellowish-green with a small oval and brownish-red fruit. The plant has a milky juice and as we mentioned before, a horrible smell. It smells worse than onion and it has a bitter taste. The juice from the asafoetida is harvested in summer usually from the 4-year-old plants. Despite its horrible smell, the plant is widely used in both Persia and India as a condiment and medicine.

When was Asafoetida discovered?

Asafoetida was discovered somewhere around the twelfth century and is used for different medical purposes ever since. Its fruit is the one used for medical purpose around India. Apparently, it’s the part of the plant that stimulates the brain and can also relax you at the same time. It’s said that the plant cures respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, bronchitis and many others.

What are the magical uses of Asafoetida?

Now, let’s get back to the magical use of the plant. There’s something I haven’t mentioned. If you’re being disturbed by someone or want to make sure a person never crosses your path again, burn the plant and ask for help. In hoodoo, practitioners use it to banish evil and harm or chase away enemies.

The Devil’s dung original name originates from the Middle East and India. Some like to call it “asafetida”, while others like me prefer to call it “asafoetida”. You can also summon evil spirits, demons and other entities with this plant of many abilities. And as I mentioned, if you want to remain protected from illnesses or negativity, wear it as an amulet around your neck along with a piece of garlic. It might result in stinky clothing or skin but you will get used to it. It’s better to be protected and safe, right? You can regain your inner balance with the help of this plant. The asafoetida belongs to the carrot family and can be used as an exotic spice in Asian and Indian cuisine.

As you can imagine, ancient people like the Chinese for example, used this plant for many things like solving stomach pain, digestive problems or nervous indigestion. You can mix the herb into a paste and rub it into your abdomen to ease discomfort.

The asafoetida essential oil might help you with respiratory health conditions and chronic fatigue syndrome. The herb is strong and that’s why it isn’t recommended to use it continuously but only when you really need to. 

Here is a spell that will protect you from people’s bad intentions or one specific person? I have listed the items below: 1 black candle (along with an image of a person if you want to banish someone specific)

  • Black felt
  • Black handkerchief
  • Red ribbon
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Asafoetida liquid
  • Nail
  • Rosemary leaves and High John the Conqueror root

Sew these in fabric, except the nail. Use the nail to write down the name of the person you want to banish. Or if you seek general protection, sew the nail together with the other ingredients. Once you have it all done, light the candle, by holding the sewed fabric and visualize the negative energy out of your life. Repeat that you want this person or seek general protection from evil eyes and spirits as many times as you feel you need to, and once you’re done, blow the candle straight into the fabric. You can carry the fabric wherever you go to feel protected and secure all the time.

It’s recommended to wash your hands after working with the asafoetida herb. Also, be aware of possible side effects. The fact that even the slightest piece of this herb may add significant flavor to your dish says a lot about the asafoetida. Everything that is used excessively can cause side effects. And asafoetida is not an exception. Excessive usage of this plant can mess up your menstrual cycle, and also irritate your skin. It may cause redness, scratching if you have sensitive skin. It can also lead to burning feel while urination, develop throat infection, or disturb your focus.

Aside all this, it can also cause swelling in the areas of your face and throat, most likely your lips. It’s best to seek medical help in such a case. We’ve mentioned that you can cure some of your stomach problems with this plant, however, if you cross the line, you might end up creating extra belly related disorders such as burning feeling inside your stomach and gas along with vomiting. Excessive usage of asafoetida might also affect your blood pressure in a negative way. If you’re already facing blood pressure problems, avoid using this plant to avoid possible endangerments.

I forgot to mention that asafoetida isn’t recommendable during pregnancy. It’s also unsafe to use during nursing. Possible side effects: blood disorder and the change of losing the baby. However, if you want to prevent pregnancy, asafoetida is known to have contraceptive power.  It can also kill viruses such as swine flu and many others.

After all this, I hope this has helped you, one can come to the conclusion that asafoetida is one hell of a plant. And if you know how and when to use it for personal or medical purposes, you won’t have problems with side effects and endanger your health. I will say though it is recommended that you contact someone with experience in using this plant as alternative medicine or for magical purposes.

Medical uses

Devil’s dung has long been used as a medicine. Helping ingestion is one if it's qualities. The herbal medicine is prepared by brewing the herb in hot water to make tea. This drink will have a very pungent smell but is very effective against stomach ailments, cold symptoms, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue, yeast infection, and painful flatulence. Research even suggests that regular intake of the devil’s dung during the early stages of pregnancy will lower the chance of having a miscarriage. In India, it is also said to be able to stimulate and possibly improve a person’s mental faculties.

Magical uses

Asafoetida is also known for its ability to repel evil forces as well as lawful authorities. It may even be used with certain incantations to harm one’s enemies.

A spell to protect yourself against another

To prevent a person from harming you, burn the devil’s dung on charcoal. While this is burning call out for your demands. Do this by thinking of the devil. If ever you wish to carry out a spell to reverse work that has been carried out on you, conduct the following: you need to get a bottle and add in the following combinations: devil’s dung with some vandal root. Also, put in black hen feathers as these are used for warding off evil. Include black arts powder - a few spoonfuls. and if possible some hair of the person. Mix these all together in a bottle. After they are mixed you need to seal this with black candle’s wax. Then bury it in a place where the person is likely to walk over it. If you don’t want other magic-users to know that you’ve been playing with devil’s dung, wash your hands with Florida water or cologne.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012