Arrow Root

Arrow Root

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Maranta Arundinacea is otherwise known as Bermuda arrowroot, araru, ararao, and more commonly obedience plant and Arrowroot.

It is a large herb mostly found in tropical countries and is cultivated for its rootstock. The Arrowroot is an herb that grows to only two feet in height and has small white flowers and fruits. The rootstock is approximately a foot in length and is of a yellowish-white color.

It has a neutral taste and is usually processed to form foods such as biscuits, puddings, cakes, and jellies. It is also prized as a thickener and substitute for other starches such as wheat flour in baking.

Medical uses

The name Arrowroot originated from the word aru-aru which means "meal of meals" in the language of the Arawak people – natives of the Caribbean that use the Arrowroot tuber as a staple in their diet. Arrow roots have been cultivated approximately 7,000 years. Alternatively, the name may also be taken from the tuber's ability to treat the poison introduced through an arrow wound when applied to the particular spot.

Magical uses

Arrowroot powder is also commonly used in combination with other herbs to conduct gambling spells. In order to better attract lady luck in gambling, especially horse races and other games of chance, create gambler’s lucky hand powder. To create this mixture, mix the Arrowroot powder with other gambling powders such as the three jacks and a king or fast luck sachet powder.

Rub this mixture onto your hands or, better yet, a lucky rabbit’s foot before you make a bet. To conduct a blessing for items such as lottery tickets, dust them with the mixture, and place them under a green offertory candle which you’ve dressed with some lucky oil. Burn this candle little by little every day until the results of the contest or lottery are publicly announced.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012